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As stated elsewhere, the purpose of this web site is not to provide readers with an endless supply of footballing facts, figures and trivia. We're here as a resource to help you throw a football-themed party, and the "team info" pages are the same. They don't contain player stats, transfer rumours, etc. Just a few basic facts and figures, info on where to buy shirts, scarves, hats, etc, some recipe ideas, suggestions for party decorations, and so on. Where we can, we will provide links to "official" team websites, so if you want more information or latest news, it's only a click away.

Obviously enough, with the number of football teams in the world, this page could go on forever, and take forever to build! Rather than wait until it's finished - which will never happen - we've decided to upload it in its unfinished state, and to then keep adding to it as often as we can. To prioritise the work, we'll focus first on teams playing in major tournaments or forthcoming fixtures that could be good excuses for parties. Apologies if your favourite team isn't here yet - if you want to suggest a team that's missing, please feel free to get in touch.

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