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Football Trivia Quizzes

Whether you're hosting a football themed quiz night in your local pub, or looking for a little entertainment for a football party you're throwing at home, this page is here to provide you with a few ideas and resources in the area of football trivia quizzes. One thing we won't give you though is all the answers!

To start with, we'll kick this page off with some links to other sites that contain football quizzes. We take no responsibility for whether their answers are right, wrong or fiendishly difficult!
There are literally hundreds of resources out there to help you run a football trivia quiz, especially when it comes to books and DVDs of quiz questions. We've subdivided them into the following categories, in the hope that this makes it slightly easier to find what you're looking for:

Party Planning

As with anything, the better you plan your party, the better it will turn out, and this applies just as much to a quiz - whether it's the main focus of the evening or just a ten minute diversion.

It's always better to plan to have too much of everything - if the quiz is meant to last half an hour, have 45 minutes worth of questions prepared, just in case. Make sure everyone is clear on the rules before you start, and check you have plenty of extra materials. Things you may need include:

  • Pens/pencils for writing answers down with
  • Paper - some for rough notes, plus some for answer sheets
  • Timer - either a stop watch or an egg timer - if you need one
  • The quiz questions (obviously enough!), plus a few extra as "tie-breakers" just in case...
  • Any audio visual equipment (TV, video, DVD player, audio equipment) if needed
  • Prizes
  • Nibbles
  • Napkins, plates, cups etc
For more ideas on planning your football party, please see our Party Planning Page.

Quiz Resources - General Football Quizzes

This list could go on for ever, there are so many resources out there. Hopefully there'll be enough here so that there's something for everybody.

Quiz Resources - English Football

A varied collection of mostly English-related online football quizzes. Actually, some of them contain some Welsh and Scottish questions too, but the majority relate to the game in England.

Childrens Football Quizzes

If you're throwing a kid's party, don't forget to visit our Kids Football Party Page for more ideas.

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