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  • Capital City: Edinburgh
  • Population: 5m
  • Languages: English, Scots Gaelic
  • Team Nickname: The Tartan Army (refers more to the fans than the team)
  • Official Team Web Site
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: Group Stage
  • Best European Tournament Performance: Group Stage
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 32 (November 2017)

Ideas for a Scotland Themed Party

Scottish Party Decorations

Food for a Scotland Themed Party

There is a lot more to Scottish cuisine than haggis! Seriously. The stereotypical image of "deep fried everything" is so far wide of the mark. Scotland produces excellent meat and seafood, as well as excellent fruit (raspberries in particular), so put away your preconceptions, get hold of some fresh Scottish produce, and enjoy a taste of Scotland!


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Drink for a Scottish Themed Party

This shouldn't be difficult! For a non-alcoholic option, Scotland's mountains produce some of the clearest, purest mineral waters anywhere in the world.

While Scotland isn't famous for its wine production, it does produce a number of beers. For lagers, Tennents has long been Scotland's best-selling pint. As for ales, McEwan's Export was for years the best known Scottish ale, although Drybrough's had a huge cult following, but sadly I believe it has now closed down. Belhaven is also well-knwon and widely available. Additionally, many smaller breweries and "micro-breweries" have sprung up all over Scotland in recent years, producing an excellent range of ales.

However, the drink that Scotland is perhaps best known for is of course its whisky. There are hundreds of Scotch whiskies, many of which have developed a very loyal fan base and following over the years. Many will tell you that the only thing you should add to whisky is perhaps a cube or two of ice, others will add a little water. If you fancy breaking with tradition, however, try one of our Scotch Whisky Cocktail recipes.

Whether you prefer to drink it on its own or mixed, there is a huge range of Scotch Whiskies to choose from at

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