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Facts & Figures

Russia Team Logo
  • Capital City: Moscow (Moskva)
  • Population: 150m
  • Languages: Russian
  • Team Nickname: Sbornaya, "The Team"
  • Official Team Web Site (available in Russian and English).
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: 4th (1966)
  • Best European Championship Performance: Winners (1960)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 61 (February 2018)

Ideas for a Russian Themed Party

Russia is such a vast country, with so many diverse and different cultures, that it's impossible to define just one style of cooking, or type of drink, as being the thing that encapsulates what Russia is all about. Russia - or The Russian Federation to use its full name - covers 17m km², almost twice the size of the USA and almost 70 times the size of the UK, and shares borders with nations as diverse as Poland, Norway, Finland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, North Korea and Mongolia, so you can imagine how diverse its culture and culinary styles are.

Russia Party Decorations

  • Decorate yourself and your room with Russia shirts, flags and scarves. There are a few options on the right of this page, or you could try:
  • If you're serving food, search for red, white and blue table covers, napkins, plates, cups and cutlery on our General Party Supplies Page
  • For bunting, flags, balloons and more Russian Party Decorations Ideas, visit our European Flags & Decorations Page
  • As for colour schemes, in addition to the above ideas, anything else you can find in red, blue and white will help create the right atmosphere

Food for a Russian Themed Party

Russian cuisine derives its varied character from the many peoples who live within and adjacent to its borders. Many traditional dishes are derived from peasant food of the rural population in an often harsh climate, using locally available fish, poultry, game, mushrooms, berries, honey, rye, wheat, barley, and millet. Flavourful soups and stews are popular, using whatever fish, vegetables and meat are in season. This native Russian cuisine remained the staple for the vast majority of Russians well into the 20th century.
However, over the last 5 centuries influences from neighbouring states have crept into Russian cooking, with those who could afford to do so importing produce such as smoked meats and fish, chocolate, ice cream, wines, and liquor, which all gradually found their way into Russian cooking. Austria and France - although not near neighbours - had particularly strong cultural influences in Russia at certain times, and this remains to this day in certain dishes. In fact, many of the foods that are considered in the West to be traditionally Russian actually come from the Franco-Russian cuisine of the 18th and 19th centuries, including for example dishes such as Veal Orloff, Beef Stroganoff, and Chicken Kiev.

Try some of these next time you are throwing a Russian football party:

Savoury Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Drink for a Russia Themed Party

There area plenty of options drinks-wise when throwing a Russian football party.
Tea is by far the most common drink in contemporary Russia. First introduced to Russia from China in the 17th century, its popularity has since spread throughout the country. Black tea has always been the dominant variety of this drink, but after the Russian acquisition of Central Asia, awareness of and interest in green tea began to increase slowly. Today Russia remains one of the largest tea consumers in the world.

As for alcoholic drinks, the most famous Russian drink is of course Vodka , which is made from either grain or potatoes, and is popular throughout the vast nation. It is sometimes flavoured with chillies or berries and fruits, such as raspberry or orange .
Why not try mixing up some Russian vodka cocktails for your party?

Beer is also extremely popular, and in fact Russia is apparently the fourth largest beer producer in the world, although not much of it is exported to the West.

Some wine is also produced, especially in the more southern regions, but it is not as popular as beer, and not much is exported.

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