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Facts & Figures

Poland Team Logo
  • Capital City: Warsaw (Warszawa)
  • Population: 39m
  • Languages: Polish
  • Team Nickname: Bialo-Czerwoni ("The White-and-Reds"), or Polskie Orly ("The Polish Eagles")
  • Official Team Web Site (in Polish - Click here for English language version)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: 3rd (1974 and 1982)
  • Best European Championship Performance: Quarter Finals (2016)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 5 (August 2017)

Ideas for a Polish Party

Most celebrations in Poland are steeped in centuries of traditions, and many are connected to the catholic faith. Whatever the event, Polish hospitality almost always invovles food (and vodka!). For informal gatherings, it's not unusual to serve a buffet style meal, with everything from soups and salads through to pastries and cakes all on the table at once, for guests to help themselves to as they wish and see fit. I guess if the table's at one end of the room and the TV's at the other, this could work well enough for a football party, so we've included some suitable Polish buffet dishes below, as well as one or two more "formal" main courses.

Polish Party Decorations

Food for a Poland Themed Party

Traditional Polish cuisine evolved primarily around the ingredients that were most readily available. Vegetables that survived the cold winters (or could be stored or preserved), freshwater fish and pork are therefore very much part of the everyday diet. Indeed the art of preserving food to ensure readily available supplies through harsh times led to the development of such Polish staples as pickled cabbage and the many forms of pork salami-style sausage (kielbasa).

A popular Polish delicacy are pierogies, which are a little like miniature pasties. They can be stuffed with meat, or sweet fillings, but the most popular and traditional is cheese and potato. Pierogies travelled across the Atlantic with Polish ex-pats to the USA, where they have become extremely popular. We first came across a recipe for them when the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing in the Super Bowl, and therefore incorrectly classified them as an American recipe!

Different sorts of bread form a very important part of the Polish diet, and many dishes include sour cream as a key ingredient. Popular, widely available vegetables include potatoes, beetroot, cabbage and mushrooms. But the Poles also love their cakes and pastries, especially on special occasions, so as well as warming soups and stews, there are plenty of sweet snacks to dish up when you are throwing a Polish football party:

Savoury Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Drink for a Poland Themed Party

There area plenty of options drinks-wise when throwing a Polish football party.
Poland is rightly famous for its Vodka , but is also gaining an increasingly good reputation for its beer (and rightly so, in our opinion). The best known brands of Polish beer, which are increasingly available outside Poland if you don't mind seeking them out, are Zywiec , Tyskie and Lech. It really isn't a Polish football party without some, so get your order in quickly! And while you're at it, check out the amazing selection of Polish vodka at!

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