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Czech Republic

Facts & Figures

Czech Team Logo
  • Capital City: Prague (Praha)
  • Population: 10m
  • Languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish
* The Czech Republic are regarded by Fifa as the "direct descendents" of the former Czechoslovakia, and therefore in Fifa's eyes have inherited that nation's records, achievements and honours.

Ideas for a Czech Republic Themed Party

The people of what is now the Czech Republic have a long and successful footballing history. The national team was apparently established as early as 1901, playing as Bohemia, then as part of Austria-Hungary, and then as part of Czechoslovakia, before being established as an independent nation under its current name in 1992.

As the Czech Republic, they met with early success, finishing as runners up in their first major competition (Euro '96).

Czech Party Decorations

Food for a Czech Themed Party

Czech food is traditinally quite meat-oriented, with pork in particular a very popular main course. Beef and chicken are also popular, and duck and goose eaten occasionally. Aside from the traditional carp at Christmas, fish is not so popular, although when available trout is served occasionally (see below).

There are many savoury Czech snacks which go well with beer - a Czech national obsession! - and which will go down well with your guests if you're throwing a Czech football party. These are the traditional Czech pub fare, and do go particularly well with a good pilsener beer!

Main Courses

Savoury Snacks *If you prefer to save yourself the time and effort, Utopenci can be bought online, already prepared.

Drink for a Czech Themed Party

The Czech Republic is justifiably famous for its beers, of which the two most famous are probably Pilsner Urquell or Budvar.

The Czech Republic is also noted for its plum brandy or Slivovice.

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