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Facts & Figures

China Team Logo
  • Capital City: Beijing
  • Population: 1,222m
  • Languages: Mandarin Chinese, various regional dialects
  • Team Nickname: Team China, or The Dragon Team
  • Official Team Web Site (in Chinese)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: Group Stage (2002)
  • Best Asian Cup of Nations Performance: Runners-Up (1984 & 2004)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 70 (January 2018)

Ideas for a China Themed Party

China is such a vast nation that it is not always easy to find "universal truths" which apply across the whole country. However, in a sense that is unimportant; what we will try to do is to offer you a "menu" of ideas from China, from which you can then select the ones you fancy for your Chinese-themed party.

Because the Chinese have travelled throughout the world, there will be a Chinese community within most large towns and cities globally, so tracking down Chinese party supplies and recipe ingredients shouldn't be too hard, but we'll try to list a few online sources as well.

Chinese Party Decorations

As well as being the colour of the national flag, red (often in conjunction with gold) has associations of good luck in Chinese culture. So anything red you can find to decorate your room with would be doubly appropriate. Paper lanterns, Chinese Paper Fans, Chinese Dragons and Red Tassels are all popular decorations, and having cut flowers or flowering plants (especially plum blossom, pussy willow, azalea, peony and water lily) in the room is also very important, especially around the time of Chinese New Year, as they symbolise new life, growth and happiness for the year ahead.

Food for a Chinese Themed Party

Obviously, it's not going to be difficult to take the easy way out here! I imagine that every major town around the world has at least one Chinese takeaway, and ordering food in for your Chinese Football party certainly saves you time and effort, as well as sticking very well to the overall theme.

However, if you fancy having a go at cooking some Chinese food yourself, just try some of these recipes. Chinese food is often surprisingly quick and easy to cook, and once you've invested in one or two jars and bottles of sauces and spices to get started with, it needn't be expensive.

Main Courses & Accompaniements

Drink for a Chinese Party

When it comes to drinks for your Chinese Football party, there are plenty of options. First and foremost is tea. Without needing to explore the intricacies of the Chinese tea ceremony (Chinese: "cha-dao", which literally means "the way of tea"), tea is hugely popular in China, important to Chinese culture, and a major Chinese export. Chinese tea is available in a number of varieties: Green Tea , Oolong Tea , White Tea and Black Tea . We would not claim to be experts on the differences, but there are many online suppliers who sell "taster packs", so why not try a number of options and see which you prefer?

As for cold soft drinks, there are thousands of brands and options, although many are not widely available around the world. One of the best known is the somewhat unimaginatively named China Cola!

When it comes to alcohol, there are many Chinese beer brands, of which the best known and most widely available internationally is Tsingtao.
China also produces wine made from various fruits including grapes. Wine from grapes is called "putao jiu". The other major forms of Chinese alcoholic drink are "huang jiu" (literally "yellow liquor"), which is made from fermented grains such as wheat or rice and is typically about 20% alcohol, and "bai jiu" (literally "white liquor"), which is distilled and reaches around 30% typically.

Unfortunately we have not been able to find a reliable source for Chinese football shirts at this time. For reference, the team's home kit is all red with white trim, while their away kit is all white with red trim.

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