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Cape Verde

Facts & Figures

Cape Verde Team Logo
  • Capital City: Praia
  • Population: 0.4m
  • Languages: Portuguese, Crioulo
    Team Nickname: The Blue Sharks
  • Official Team Web Site (in Portuguese - wasn't working last time we tried to visit)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: -
  • Best African Cup of Nations Performance: Quarter Finals (2013)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 61 (March 2018)

Ideas for a Cape Verdean Themed Party

Cape Verde is a nation comprising of 10 volcanic islands situated roughly 350 miles off the West African coast. It was discovered and colonised by the Portuguese in the 15th century, and only gained independence from Portugal in 1975. A warm climate, cooled by sea breezes, is making Cape Verde an increasingly popular destination with tourists, a fact which is helping its economy to grow strongly.

Cape Verde Party Decorations

  • Decorate yourself and your room with Cape Verdean shirts, flags and scarves. There are a few options on the right of this page.
  • If you're serving food, search for blue, red and white table covers, napkins, plates, cups and cutlery on our General Party Decorations Page
  • For bunting, flags, balloons and more Cape Verde Party Decorations Ideas, visit our African Flags & Decorations Page
  • As for colour schemes, in addition to the above ideas, anything else you can find in blue, red and white will help create the right atmosphere

Food for a Cape Verde Themed Party

The Cape Verde cuisine is, as you might expect, mostly based on fish and sea food - hardly surprising for an island nation. Staple foods are mainly corn and rice. Agriculture on the islands isn't that highly developed apparently, so many foodsuffs have to be imported. Vegetables that are widely available include potatoes, onions, tomatoes, manioc, cabbage, kale, and dried beans. Fruits such as bananas, papayas, mangoes and avocados are enjoyed.

A popular dish served in Cape Verde is Cachupa, a slow cooked stew of hominy, beans, and fish or meat. A common appetizer is the pastel, which is a pastry shell filled with fish or meat that is then fried. In fact these two recipes probably compete for the title of Cape Verde's national dish.

Try some of these next time "Blue Sharks" are playing:


Main Courses *This recipe is actually from Senegal, which is probably the nearest country on mainland Africa to the Cape Verde islands. So it's a Senegalese interpretation of what a Cape Verdean salad would be like!

Drink for a Cape Verdean Party

Tropical fruit juices - Mango and Papaya especially - are popular. One of the most popular alcoholic drinks is "grogue", made from watered down rum. The tradition of drinking grogue in Cape Verde can be traced back to the times of the slave trade and Caribbean pirates. Sugar cane - and the knowledge of how to turn it into rum - was brought back to Cape Verde from the Caribbean, and the tradition of watering the spirit down (to make the rations last longer on long voyages) passed on from the seafarers to the island inhabitants. Also popular is the Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha, which is made using the spirit Cachaça . Like rum, Cachaça is made from distilled sugar cane, and isn't widely available outside Brazil, but you can substitute good quality white rum or vodka instead. Click here for the recipe for Brazil's classic Caipirinha cocktail.

The most popular beer on the islands is the local brand Strela, but perhaps unsurprisingly it's not easy to get hold of in other parts of the world...

We have not been able to find a reliable source of Cape Verde football shirts at this time. Their home kit is blue shirts and shorts with green and red trim, and their away kit is white shirts and shorts with blue trim.
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