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Facts & Figures

Bulgaria Team Logo
  • Capital City: Sofia
  • Population: 8m
  • Languages: Bulgarian
  • Team Nickname: The Lions
  • Official Team Web Site (in Bulgarian - click here for English version)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: Fourth (1994)
  • Best European Championship Performance: Group stage (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 71 (March 2017)

Ideas for a Bulgarian Themed Party

Situated on the edge of the Black Sea, Bulgaria has over the years been influenced by neighbours such as Hungary, Turkey and Russia.

Many festivities in Bulgaria are tied to religious celebrations, such as Christmas and St Nicholas's Day. It is traditional on the latter to eat fish, while on Christmas Eve, vegetarian stuffed peppers are the traditional meal.

On the sporting front, football has been played in Bulgaria since the end of the 19th century, when (originally called "kickball") it was introduced by Swiss sports teachers. Bulgaria's greatest international success to date was in 1994 when, inspired by Hristo Stoichkov, they finished fourth in the World Cup.

Bulgaria Party Decorations

  • Decorate yourself and your room with Bulgaria shirts, flags and scarves. There are a few options on the right of this page, or you could try:
  • If you're serving food, search for white, green and red table covers, napkins, plates, cups and cutlery on our General Party Decorations Page
  • For bunting, flags, balloons and more Bulgarian Party Decorations Ideas, visit our European Flags & Decorations Page
  • As for colour schemes, in addition to the above ideas, anything else you can find in white, green and red will help create the right atmosphere

Food for a Bulgaria Themed Party

Bulgarians tend to eat a lot of salads and yoghurts; in fact some people believe that yoghurt was first made in what is now Bulgaria over 5,000 years ago.
Also popular in Bulgaria are various pastry dishes and soups (both hot and cold).

Try some of these next time you are throwing a Bulgarian football party:

Savoury Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Drink for a Bulgaria Themed Party

Bulgaria's warm climate is ideal for growing grapes, and Bulgarian wine (both red and white) is therefore generally of a good quality. Wine and beer are both very popular, although the latter has a surprisingly short history of local production. While wine production in Bulgaria dates back thousands of years, the first commercial brewery appeared less than 150 years ago. Search for Bulagran wine at Popular Bulgarian beer brands include Kamenitza, Zagorka and Shumensko, although finding any of these outside their native country may not be easy.

Rakia is a strong brandy-like drink distilled from different types of fruit; apricot, grapes and plum are the most common varieties, although rakia made from mixed fruit is also very common. It is traditional in Bulgaria to have a glass of rakia with some pickles and shopska salad as the first course of a meal.

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