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Facts & Figures

Bahrain Team Logo
  • Capital City: Manama
  • Population: 0.6m
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Team Nickname: "Al Theeb Al Ahmar" (The Red Wolves)
  • Official Team Web Site (in Arabic and English)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: -
  • Best Asian Cup of Nations Performance: First Round
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 122 (January 2018)

Ideas for a Bahrain Themed Party

Bahrain - an archipelago of islands situated in the Persian Gulf - is primarily a muslim country, but is quite tolerant of other faiths. In the past it has been occupied by Persian empires, and until relatively recently was still claimed by Iran as their territory until this dispute was resolved by the UN in the 1960s. It was also held by the Portuguese in the 16th century, before returning to Persian rule, and later was a British protectorate in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, despite these many influences, Bahrain is often referred to as "Middle East lite", in the sense that its culture is basically very similar to many of the surrounding gulf states, but a little more relaxed, tolerant and economically developed, and embraces elements from Arab culture from its West and Persian (Iranian) influences from its East.

Bahraini Party Decorations

Food for a Bahrain Themed Party

The food of Bahrain - like many of its neighbours - reflects the fact that the Gulf has been a major centre for trade for many centuries. As a result, items such s strong sweet "Turkish" style coffee and sweet pastries are enjoyed alongside spicier dishes whose origins almost certainly lie in the Indian sub-continent. All are delicious, tasty and full of flavour, although some of the dishes here are more "regional" than purely Bahraini, in the sense that almost identical recipes are enjoyed in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and even Iran. Items that are more familiar to Western tastes include the dips Houmous and Taramasalata.

So, Bahraini cuisine is a blend of Indian, Turkish, Persian and Arab influences. But regardless of the origins of the following dishes they taste great, and will certainly be a little unusual to Western tastes, so give them a go for your next Bahrain Football party!

Main Courses & Accompaniements


Drink for a Bahraini Party

Although a muslim country, Bahrain's laws on alcohol consumption are not as strict as in some other nations. Recently we believe a law has been introduced prohibiting muslims from drinking, but non-muslims can still drink alcohol in bars, hotels, and in their homes (not in other public places). As an aside, the traditional bubbly-spraying celebration does not feature champagne at the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix - instead, a non-alcoholic rosewater drink known as Waard is apparently used.

Of the locally-produced alcoholic options, a grape-based spirit flavoured with aniseed is one of the most popular - it is called Arak and is popular throughout much of the Middle East.

One of the mainstays of Bahraini culture is the drinking of traditional Arabian coffee. Sometimes known as "Gahwa", it is always strong, usually sweet, and often flavoured with cardamom.

Unfortunately we have not been able to find a reliable source for Bahrain football shirts at this time. For reference, the team's home kit is all red with white trim, while their away kit is all white with red trim.

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