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Facts & Figures

Argentina Team Logo
  • Capital City: Buenos Aires
  • Population: 35m
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Team Nickname: La albiceleste - The white-and-sky-blue
  • Official Team Web Site (in Spanish)
  • Best World Cup Finals Performance: Winners (1978 and 1986)
  • Best Copa America Performance: Winner (14 times)
  • Official Fifa Ranking: 5 (April 2018)

Ideas for an Argentina Themed Party

Argentinians' love of good quality beef and red wine is almost as famous as their love of football, and their rivalry with near neighbours Brazil.
Talking of rivalry, some of the club teams in Argentina have huge and fanatical following - visiting Buenos Aires on the day when Boca Juniors play River Plate, for example, is an amazing experience. Argentine football fans are totally loyal, dedicated and passionate.

When the national team are playing, everything is decked out in sky blue and white, and barbecues (or asados) will be fired up on every street corner. To set the tone, a little Argentine tango music (see links below) wouldn't go amiss.

Argentina Party Decorations

Food for an Argentinian Party

If you're a vegetarian, then much of the Argentine cuisine is not for you. Beef has been universally popular in Argentina since its introduction by the Spanish over 500 years ago, and continues to be one of the most frequently served foodstuffs, especially grilled or barbecued.
There is a strong European/mediterranean influence on much of the Argentinian cooking. As well as beef, chicken, lamb, pork and offal are all popular, and the use of fresh locally grown produce is still preferred. Argentine cooking is, on the whole, less spicy than that of many other South American countries, with sweet peppers, tomatoes, herbs and onions being widely used as flavourings rather than chillies. The European influence is evidenced in the popularity of foods such as Italian pasta, French style bread and seasonings such as parsley, fresh oregano, paprika, thyme and bay leaves.

Try some of these next time the white-and-sky-blue are playing:

Finger Foods and Starters

Main Courses & Accompaniements

Drink for an Argentinian Party

Argentinians are justifiably proud of their wine, and export some excellent reds. Quilmes is the most popular lager-style beer, and rightly so! It is available through various internet retailers, and well worth seeking out. We managed to find a source for Quilmes Argentinian Lager at .

Track down Argentinian wine online at

Theming your party

Try some mood music for an Argentinian Party from Amazon:

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