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FC Porto

Facts & Figures

FC Porto Team Logo
  • Country of origin: Portugal
  • Founded in: 1893
  • Stadium: Estádio do Dragão, Porto, Portugal

Ideas for an FC Porto Themed Party

Located towards the north of Portugal on the Atlantic coastline at the mouth of the Douro river, Porto is Portugal's second largest city, and is steeped in history. Often referred to in Portuguese as "o porto" (the port) to emphasise its importance as a major trading port, the name became "mistranslated" into English as "Oporto". As a city and port it can trace its origins back to Roman times, and is famous for its production and export of port wine.

FC Porto Party Decorations

  • Decorate yourself and your room with FC Porto shirts, flags and scarves. There are a few options on the right of this page, or you could try:
  • If you're serving food, search for blue and white table covers, napkins, plates, cups and cutlery on our General Party Decorations Page
  • In addition to the above ideas, anything else you can find in blue and white will help create the right atmosphere

Food for an FC Porto Themed Party

Portuguese food can be wonderfully simple - you could actually get away with simply grilling or barbecueing some fish and seafood, and that would be absolutely fine! In fact some people claim that the Portuguese eat more fish per capita than anywhere else in Europe. Grilled sardines, tuna, and squid kebabs are cooked outside many restaurants in Portugal, filling the streets with their wonderful aroma. Other seafood - especially prawns and lobsters - are hugely popular too; in some areas there are stalls selling hot seafood and cold beer right on the beach - does life get better than that?!

Salads and soups are popular, epecially as starters. It is very traditional in Portugal to start a meal with soup, often one of many regional variations of vegetable soup, some of which have a little chouriço sausage added for flavour. Salads are simple, making use of fresh local produce - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and olives, and maybe a little cheese or a few prawns. Foods are flavoured with garlic, black pepper, piri piri and cinnamon.

Meat is also widely enjoyed, especially in the north around Porto, where pork, beef, spit-roast chicken (often piri piri style) and chouriço sausage are popular. Around Porto specifically tripe is particularly popular, so much so that the people of Porto are often referred to as "the tripe eaters" by the rest of the Portuguese. It is often cooked in a cassserole with beans or chickpeas, local chouriço sausage, garlic, black pepper and the local red wine. And the Portuguese love sweet pastries as an accompaniement to strong coffee.

Portuguese Recipes

Drink for an FC Porto Themed Party

Portugal is famous for its wines, especially its fortified wines such as Madeira , but of course Porto itself is most noted for its production and export of Port . Red, rosé and white wines are all produced, as well as "green wine" which isn't green at all - just a name for a wine that is consumed "young", rather than being left to mature. Search for Portuguese wines at

Portugal also has a long tradition of brewing beer, which remains a very popular alternative to wine. The best known brands are Sagres and Super Bock.

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