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Juventus Team Logo
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Founded in: 1897
  • Stadium: Juventus Stadium, Turin (Torino), Italy
  • Team Nickname: La Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady), I Bianconeri (The White & Blacks), Le Zebre (The Zebras)
  • Official Juventus Team Web Site in English - also available in Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese
  • Best Continental Championship Performance: Winners (1985, 1996)
  • Best National League Performance: Winners 33 times
  • Best National Cup Competition Performance: Winners 12 times

Founded in 1897 as Sport Club Juventus by a group of young Torinese students, Juve's name derives from the Latin word for youth. As well as being one of Italy's oldest football clubs, they are also the most successful, and hold the unique record of having won at some point in time every tournament that they have been eligible to enter.

Ideas for a Juventus Themed Party

Juventus Party Decorations

Food for a Juventus Themed Party

The obvious - if actually incorrect - answer is to order in pizza. It's quick, simple and easy to arrange, and there's nothing wrong with that! However, technically pizza is believed to have originated in Naples (Napoli), not Turin, although there are many pizzarias in Turin, and they are very popular. But Turin/Torino is famous for its own food and wine, and we've included a few more specific ideas below. If none of them are to your taste, have a look at the main Italy page for further inspiration.

However, if you prefer some more authentic Torinese recipes, Turin - capital of the Piedmont region - is rightly famous for its mushrooms, its chocolate, its wine, truffles, vermouth and....well, its love of good food and wine!

Risotto is extremely popular, as are pasta dishes of course. Bagna Cauda - a warm garlic and anchovy dip into which fresh vegetables are dipped - is something of a speciality of the Piedmont region, and is not dissimlar in some ways to fondue, which isn't really surprising given the proximity of the area to neighbouring France and Switzerland.

Italians in general - and the Torinese are no exception - tend to eat their evening meals late, but many enjoy aperitivo in the bars on the way home from work in the early evening. This is not dissimilar to the Spanish tapas concept, but in Italy acts as a kind of "happy hour". When a bar is offering aperitivo, a customer orders a drink and can then help themselves to small portions of many different dishes that are available in the venue in a "buffet" style. As long as you are ordering drinks, and the "happy hour" is still operating, you can continue to help yourself to the food. To most Italians, this is an opportunity to relax over a drink and a small snack on the way home from work. To us, with our football party heads on, there's an idea for a party here. Invite some friends round for the game, set up the buffet featuring some pizzas and some of the recipes below, let people help themselves to drinks and food before the game, then again at half time, and then again after the final whistle.

Give it a try with some of these Torinese recipes:

Savoury Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Drink for a Juventus Themed Party

Turin is situated in the Piedmont region of Italy, which produces a wide range of good quality wines - red, white, rosé and sparkling. Click here to search for Italian wines at

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