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Hull City FC

Facts & Figures

Hull City Team Logo
  • Country of origin: England
  • Founded in: 1904
  • Stadium: KC Stadium, Kingston-Upon-Hull, England
  • Team Nickname: The Tigers
  • Official Hull City FC Team Web Site
  • Best Continental Championship Performance: -
  • Best National League Performance: -
  • Best National Cup Competition Performance: Runners-Up (2014)

Ideas for a Hull City Themed Party

If you're watching a Hull City game with your friends, there are plenty of ideas to help you turn the event into a Hull City themed football party.

Hull City Party Decorations

Food for a Hull City Themed Party

For our "overseas visitors", you will find some more generic English recipes on our English National Football Team page, if you prefer.

No doubt the food served in both restaurants and homes in Hull has changed over recent years, and embraced a whole host of modern, healthy and international influences. Being situated on Yorkshire's coast (England's east coast), fish and seafood have always been widely available in the area, although Grimsby - on the opposite side of the Humber estuary - is really the major fishing port, and Hull does not have any specific seafood recipes particularly associated with it. So perhaps it would be safer to go with one or two traditional recipes associated with the county of Yorkshire as a whole, rather than Kingston-upon-Hull specifically:

Recipes Suitable for a Hull City Party
Probably the best known recipes from the Yorkshire area - and feel free to get in touch if you want to add to this list - are:

Drink for a Hull City Themed Party

There are many breweries in Yorkshire, the vast majority of which produce traditional dark English ales, mostly bitters. Some of the best known are Black Sheep, John Smith's, Sam Smith's and Theakstons, although none of these are really from the area close to Hull specifically. However, for a taste of Yorkshire these would be our recommendations:

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