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FC Schalke 04

Facts & Figures

FC Schalke Team Logo
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Founded in: 1904 (hence the name!)
  • Stadium: VELTINS-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Team Nickname: Die Königsblauen - The Royal Blues, or Die Knappen - The Miners
  • Official Schalke 04 Team Web Site (in English) - also available in German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese
  • Best Continental Championship Performance: Semi-Finals (2011)
  • Best National League Performance: Winners 7 times
  • Best National Cup Competition Performance: Winners 5 times

Ideas for a Schalke 04 Themed Party

If you're watching an FC Schalke 04 game with your friends, there are plenty of ideas to help you turn the event into an FC Schalke 04 themed football party.

FC Schalke 04 Party Decorations

  • Decorate yourself and your room with FC Schalke shirts, flags and scarves. There are a few options on the right of this page, or you could try:
  • If you're serving food, search for blue and white table covers, napkins, plates, cups and cutlery on our General Party Decorations Page
  • As for colour schemes, in addition to the above ideas, anything else you can find in royal blue and white will help create the right atmosphere

Food for a Schalke 04 Themed Party

You will find some more generic German recipes on our German National Football Team page, if you prefer.

If you want to serve a simple snack, a typical pub meal from the Rhineland area of Germany is a "halver Hahn". Literally translated, this would be half a chicken, but there's no chicken in the dish (just as there aren't that many toads in the English dish "Toad in the hole"). In fact, "halver Hahn" is not dissimilar to an English ploughman's lunch. It consists of a buttered rye roll, some sliced gouda cheese, mustard, pickles and gherkins.

For a more substantial meal, a speciality of the Rhineland-Westphalia region is Rheinischer Sauerbraten. Sauerbraten - a roasted joint of beef that has marinated for three days in a mix of red wine vinegar and spices - is popular throughout Germany, but particularly so in the North Rhine Westphalia region.

Drink for a Schalke 04 Themed Party

While Bavaria is the best known beer-producing region in Germnay, the town of Dortmund in North Rhine Westfalia claims to be the city that produces the most. Certainly the region has a long history of beer production, and a number of distinct beer types have developed in North Rhine Westfalia over the years, most notably:
  • Kölsch a pale, light-bodied beer from Cologne
  • Altbier a dark amber, hoppy beer brewed around Düsseldorf
  • Export a pale lager brewed around Dortmund that is fuller, maltier and less hoppy than Pilsner
Each city is fiercely proud of its brewing traditions, and the locals frown on those who don't respect it. While Pilsener is universally popular and acceptable, you may not be made to feel very welcome if you walk into a bar in Cologne and order an Altbier, for example, or equally if you try to order a Kölsch in Dortmund.

Germany also produces a fair amount of wine - mostly white. Search online for German wines at

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