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Facts & Figures

Barcelona Logo
  • Country of origin: Spain (Catalonia)
  • Founded in: 1899
  • Stadium: Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain
  • Team Nickname: Barça
  • Official Barcelona Team Web Site (in English)
  • Best Continental Championship Performance: Winners (1992, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2015)
  • Best National League Performance: Winners 24 times
  • Best National Cup Competition Performance: Winners 29 times

One of the world's great football clubs, Barça now brands itself as "more than a club" for a number of reasons. Within the Catalan reagion, the club has become a symbol of "national pride". Further afield, FC Barcelona like to portray themselves as upholders of a more democratic, independent and ethical way of running a football club. The most instantly visible side to this has in the past been their shirt sponsorship. Rather than take money from one of the many multi-national companies queueing up to pay them for the honour, Barça have in the past used their shirts to publicise the work of Unicef and the Qatar Foundation.

Politics and ethics aside, Barcelona are a great football club, who have won friends and admirers around the world. Watching a Barça match is always enjoyable, and the perfect excuse for a football party!

Ideas for a Barcelona Themed Party

A tapas party is one ideal way to watch a Barça game; as long as you can prepare the food in advance, otherwise you'll end up missing most of the match!
Just prepare a selection of different tapas, and serve up fresh platefuls at intervals throughout the game. Any that need last minute preparation or cooking can be served at the start of the game, just after half time, or after the final whistle.

If you prefer a "proper" meal, we have a few suggestions below for Catalan dishes.

Barcelona Party Decorations

Food for a Barcelona Themed Party

Catalans are very proud of their food. Being on the coast, fish and seafood are extremely popular, served with a variety of sauces. The local wild mushrooms are also passionately sought out and cooked by the locals. They are fond of combining ingredients in ways that many others would not think to do, for example fish with meat, smoked fish with fruit or nuts, etc.

In common with the rest of Spain, Tapas are a popular way to eat. For those not familiar with them, tapas are more a way of eating than necessarily a specific recipe or recipes. The idea is to order small portions of many different dishes as you order your drinks over the course of the evening - each time you order a round of drinks, order another tapas or two. To our way of thinking, if they can be prepared in advance, is there a better way to combine food, drink and a good footy game on the TV?! We think not! There are so many recipes and ideas for tapas - or Pintxos as they are known in the Basque region - that we may end up having a whole page dedicated to them. For now, we'll add a few here as a start....

Tapas Recipes

Other Recipes

Drink for a Barcelona Themed Party

In common with the rest of Spain, wine is drunk in Catalonia with most meals. The region is best known for its popular sparkling wine - cava. The locally brewed brands of beer - San Miguel and Estrella Damm - are both popular throughout Spain and further afield.

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